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v.65, n.1&2. 2018

Praxis and Partnerships: 2nd International Media Literacy Symposium


Edited by Belinha DeAbreu, Ph.D.

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v.64, n.1&2. 2017

Agency and Media Literacy


Edited by Neil Andersen and Carol Arcus

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v.63, n.1&2. 2016

Across Cultures: A Global Look at Media Literacy Education


Edited by Belinha DeAbreu, Ph.D. (USA) and Ignacio Aguidad, Ph.D. (Spain)

Published in collaboration with Spanish journal Comunicar.


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v.62, n.3&4. 2015

Finding Common Ground: Exploring Media Literacy and the Common Core Standards


Edited by Frank Baker

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V.62, N.1&2. 2015

Toward a 4.0 Media Literacy: Contemporary Voices

Edited by Martin Rayala, Ph.D.

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v.61, n.1&2. 2014

Research and Media Literacy: A Directed Path Through an Indirect Course

Edited by Belinha DeAbreu, Ph.D.

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v.60, n.1&2. 2013

60 Years of Contemporary Literacy in Action


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V.60, n.X. 2013

Contemporary Literacy in Action: The Essence of It

60th Anniversary Supplement


v.59, n.2&3. 2012

Contemporary Literacy: Beginning Conversations Towards Sharper Thinking


v.59, n.1. 2012

Globaloria, Invent-Build-Share: Students Making Game Media for Literacy and Learning



v.57, n.1&2. 2010

School 2.0: A Global Perspective



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v.56, n.1&2. 2009

School 2.0: Transforming 21st Century Education Through New Media Literacies


Edited by Martin Rayala, Ph.D.

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v.55, n.3. 2008-2009

New Media, Learning & Civic Engagement


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v.55, n.1&2. 2008

Cultural Diversity: Issues of Diversity in Media Education


Edited by David Considine, Ph.D.


V.54, N.2&3. 2007

The New Literacy Renaissance: Media Convergence and the Collective Community


Edited by Martin Rayala, Ph.D.

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v.54, n.1. 2007

Browsing Through the Years: Part Two of a Two-Part Series, 1983-2003


Edited by Marieli Rowe and Karen Ambrosh


v.53, n.2. 2006

Challenges and Opportunities: Integrating Media Literacy into the English Classroom



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v.53, n.1. 2006

A Walk Through the Years... 1953-1983



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v.52, n.3. 2005

Embracing Diversity in Thinking: Multiliteracies for a Multicultural World



v.52, n.1&2. 2005

Video Game Culture: Seizing the Chance for Good Learning


Edited by Martin Rayala, Ph.D.

v.51, n.2. 2004

Tuning into Democracy: Citizenship, Media & Media Literacy


Edited by Frank Baker and David Considine

v.51, n.1. 2004

The Next Generation in Media Literacy: Unsolved Issues


Edited by Martin Rayala, Ph.D.

v.49-50, n.2. 2003

NTC: 50 Years Toward a Media Wise Society


v.49-50, n.1. 2003

Media Literacy & The Arts

v.48, n.2. 2002

Media and Youth: Wonder Years or Risky Business?


Edited by Martin Rayala, Ph.D.

v.48, n.1. 2002

Pride & Joy: Media Literacy and the Early Years


v.47, n.3. 2001

Global Studies and Media Literacy



v.47, n.2. 2001

Special Conference Issue: National Media Education Conference



v.47, n.1. 2001

Toronto Summit 2000 Conference: Children, Youth and the Media



v.46, n.1. 2000

Summit 2000 Conference: Children, Youth and the Media



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