The JML is…

  • Bringing together the pioneers, practitioners, and future thinkers in media literacy;

  • Themed issues with invited expert guest co-editors and outstanding contributors in their field

  • A bridge connecting the professional to the lay person across various disciplines, pedagogies, and approaches that encompass today’s literacies.

... Seeing Where Others Have Not Yet Begun To Look.

We believe this is the definition of the artist AND the scientist. Both are inextricably connected through their common bonds of learning, testing that knowledge, and actively contributing to new knowledge and insight. This is the essence of critical thinking and media literacy.

Media Literacy is...

an expanded view of traditional

literacy essential to survival in a media-filled world.

the ability to choose,

to understand,

to question,

to evaluate,

to create &

to participate


and actively with the

media we consume.

mindful viewing,

listening, reading, 

reflective judgement, & critical thinking.