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EcoMedia literacy

Our first digital issue is a collaboration with the Journal of Sustainability Education, broadening our understanding of media literacy from an ecological perspective, reframing the metaphors we use about media experiences and our relationship to the earth. A big thank you to JSE, our guest editors, and authors for their work on this important and timely topic!

Next issue in progress!

storytelling as the Essence of Education

Guest editors, Dr. Martin Rayala, Cory Rayala, Dr. Carissa Baker, and Brian Collins will invite authors to explore the ways in which humans use storytelling to make meaning of their lives and their place in the world, across disciplines and in all art forms. Stories bring these ideas to life, help us feel and experience meaning viscerally.

To be published in Fall

Future issues in the works:

Media and Information Literacy: Breaking down Silos

International Media Literacy Research Symposium

Issue information will be posted as details are finalized.

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